From Homeless to Hopeful

This 6 week old kitten was found in the middle of the road, barely alive. She was rushed to AAC where our doctors and staff immediately began working on her. After x-rays and further diagnositics, it was discovered that she is suffering from a fractured femur, severe dehydration, anemia, flea and intestinal parasite infestation. Her injuries seem to be consistent with the possibility of being thrown out of a car, but there is no way to be sure. What we DO know is that thanks to a good samaritan she is well on the road to recovery! She is beginning to improve after IV fluids, pain medication, and deworming. She is very interested in food and even walking! Dr. Steele expects her to make a full recovery, and then she will be available for adoption. Stay tuned for more updates!
*UPDATE- This sweet kitten, now named Donut, is doing exceptionally well! She is almost completely recovered from her injury, and enjoying a wonderful life with a family of her own. We cannot thank everyone enough for their love and support for this injured kitten. The compassion shown for this injured animal was overwhelming.


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