Lexi’s Story – A Senior Dog Searching for Foster Family

Holiday Lexi
Photo Credit: Jessica Hecker

I’d like for you to meet Lexi.  Lexi, a 10-year-old brindle pit-bull mix, has been living here at Advanced Animal Care as part of the East Cooper Pet Relief Rescue community outreach. ECPR is a non-profit organization created and operated by Dr. Leslie Steele for the purpose of providing medical care and support to those in the East Cooper area who have limitations preventing proper care for their pets.

Lexi has struggled with lifelong anxiety, mainly separation anxiety, fear of people and dogs she is not familiar with along with a little anxiety with thunderstorms and fireworks sprinkled in for good measure. The way she has learned to cope with her anxiety is to behave aggressively and look and sound scary in order to make those people go away. She does have separation anxiety and sometimes will exhibit some destructive behavior when left alone. The destructive behavior is mostly injury to herself as she digs and scratches frantically, causing in injury to her nails.

Her family loves her dearly and they were able to manage and live with her issues for most of her life. Life eventually changed for the family making living with her anxiety and aggression too difficult for them to manage. They were afraid their only option would be to euthanize her. Who would be willing to take a senior bully breed that has aggression into their home? They feared she would be euthanized if they took her to a rescue due to concerns for safety and liability. This is the sad and unfortunate reality for far too many dogs and cats.

Lexi at Towne Center

Fortunately, they came to us for help. Rather than euthanizing her, the family allowed Dr. David Steele to take her in and work with her behavior with the intent of ultimately placing her in a new loving home. For the last year and a half, Dr. Steele along with the support of an amazing staff has been incorporating behavior modification therapy in conjunction with anxiety medications and her progress has been superb! She recently attended and successfully completed “Growl Class” administered by C.C. Bourgeous of Southpaw Pet care.


Lexi has reached a point where she is now ready to go live with someone in his or her home while she continues to learn more skills for managing her anxiety and aggressive behavior.  The foster needs to be able and willing to continue working with her behavior therapy exercises, guided by Dr. David Steele. East Cooper Pet Relief will continue to fund all of Lexi’s medical care as well as monthly heartworm and flea medication while she is in foster care. The foster family will provide a loving home and food along with continuing her behavior therapy. Our goal is to have her adopted into a forever home when the foster family and Dr. Steele both agree it would be in the best interest of Lexi and the family.



Lexi is very sweet and affectionate. She loves to cuddle, going for walks but mostly loves being lazy. The staff and doctors here at Advanced Animal Care of Mount Pleasant and East Cooper Pet Relief have become quite attached to this sweet pup. Lexi needs someone who is understanding and compassionate. Someone who is willing to understand her fear and why she sometimes looks so “Mean” and is willing to do what is necessary to keep her fear free and love her for all of her quirks and goofy personality traits. If you have an empathetic and compassionate heart and are interested in providing a warm and loving foster home for Lexi, please contact Advanced Animal Care of Mt. Pleasant at (843)884-9838. You can also email Dr. Steele directly (preferably) at david.steele@aacmp.com.

DS & Lexie Kiss
Photo credit: Lynn Cobb Photography

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