Little One Loses Eye and Steals Our Heart

I’d like for you to meet my new friend, Cain. As you can see, he has had a few bad days recently. He was in a tussle with one of his housemates, and seriously injured his eye. One of the local veterinary practices refused to provide care for him due to his family’s inability to pay for the services. Fortunately, one of our friends, Officer Kimberly Poirier of the Sheriff’s Department told us about Cain, and helped him find his way to us.

Before sx

After several days of good nursing care and lots of TLC, Cain was strong enough to have surgery. Unfortunately, due to the delay in treatment for his eye, we were not able to preserve it. He has made a fantastic recovery and is now back home with his family!

If it weren’t for such a loving, supportive and giving community, things would not have turned out so well for my little friend Cain. East Cooper Pet Relief is a non-profit organization developed to help support and improve the lives of pets who belong to people who have limitations (i.e., physical, transportation, financial) in their ability to provide the proper and necessary care. These little souls provide so much needed love and companionship to so many people who desperately need that in their lives, that we proudly provide this service with your help. Through donations from benefactors in our community, we were able to provide all the necessary care to get Cain healthy and back home.

If you would like to support those in our community and more souls like Cain, please donate today or sign up to be one of our foster families for cats and/or dogs.

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